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Top 5 Best Website Builders for Your First Blog Site

To start a blog, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the best platform among the website builders for your first blog site.

Think of it as if you are looking for an apartment or a new house as your new home. Hence, you need to know your best options to post your first blog as a beginner blogger.

Everyone has their preferences in choosing a place to live in, like choosing among the best web builders for your first blogging website.

In the beginning, it is overwhelming to find what you are looking for because there are a lot of software and platforms everywhere.

I, for one, have been there, and in the end, I went for the platform I like the best. The place where I know I am going to stay for a long time.

So, I also want you to know about these top 5 best website builders for a blog today, and at the end, choose where you want to build your brand.

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Factors in Choosing the Best Website Builders for the First Blog Site

Website builders and CMS (Content Management Platforms) platforms are your tools to start your blogging journey. Whether you are looking for paid or free site builders for beginner bloggers.

Check them out, especially the top site builders recommended for first-time bloggers, and finally publish your original posts. 

Your blog website should look professional and emphasize your brand or what you do. Then design, and customize it for its best look.

And that is one of the factors to consider when selecting your website builder, one that you can customize easily. 

A blog website should be fully mobile responsive because most of the internet traffic happens on mobile. Your target audience reading your posts whenever and wherever they are is your goal here.

Although we will have to deal with SEO later, you should know that it will be an essential factor, so you need to choose a website builder that is SEO-competent ready. So, before that, let’s check the top 5 best website builders right now.

Choose from The Top 5 Best Website Builders for Your Blog

After you have decided on your blog niche, now is the time to create your website for your blog. Let’s check out the best site builder for beginner bloggers today.

If you are serious and plan to write a blog for a long time, these are your best options thus far for beginners like you who are starting your blog site.

1. WordPress

Wordpress.org one of the best website builders to post your first blog

The most popular blogging platform and Content Management System or CMS which is widely used today is WordPress

It is no wonder that WordPress is still the most popular software because it is a classical way to create responsive websites, blogs, and apps. The software will cost nothing, and even if you don’t know how to code, you will be able to build your blog here.

CMS usage distribution in the top 1 million sites, WordPress is no. 1
WordPress is currently the most popular technology in this category. – https://trends.builtwith.com/cms

Most bloggers worldwide use it because of its versatility. So, if you want full control customization over your website, this is for you.

Why WordPress?

It is a beginner-friendly platform, which also means that it is suited for first-time bloggers like you. Since it does not need a lot of effort to create your first blog site, it is more straightforward to design your website however you want.

You can edit the appearance of your blog site by going to the left-hand sidebar, clicking appearance, then under it, customize. Then, your screen should look like this.

You can edit the appearance of your WordPress site by going to appearance, then under it, customize.

Another easier way to edit your website is to use the popular Elementor plugin, a simple drag-and-drop to make your website. One of the best plugins in WordPress to utilize if you think you cannot design your blog site. This plugin will be your sidekick. Its visual editor makes it faster to build a website.

You can edit the appearance of your WordPress site, using Elementor plugin, drag and drop of elements by going to appearance, then under it, customize.

You see on the left side the widgets, and there are over 40 free widgets. So, if you did not pay for the premium, it is a good deal already because you drag and drop them on your right screen and put your images, texts, etc. You can make your first blog website.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com Quick Overview

There’s one thing. Don’t get confused between wordpress.org and wordpress.com

Here’s a quick comparison between the two:

WordPress.com offers free features but is limited, and your URL address will have the extension ‘WordPress‘ on it. Like this writewithpanda.wordpress.com, since you use a free subdomain to build your blog website.

It is free, and you can add your affiliate links to your post, however, you cannot monetize your site with ads or other ways, upload videos, or add plugins.

On the other hand, WordPress.org, which we are talking about right now, is self-hosted. Use it as your CMS or website builder, but you must pay for your web hosting. 

You can buy from Bluehost, Namecheap, or one of the cheapest in the market, Hostinger. Once you have your hosting, create your WordPress website in a few minutes. And your website URL should look like this writewithpanda.com.

2. Hostinger Website Builder

Build your blog site from the best website builders for blog using Hostinger AI website builder.

Everything You Need to Create a Website – Hostinger

Hostinger has and offers all you need to build your website. The best thing about this platform because it is one of the cheapest in the market. 

Purchase your web hosting, pay for it, and get a free domain for a year. After registering your domain, choose your preferred website builder.

Why Hostinger?

Hostinger is known as a web hosting provider, and it offers the most affordable prices. One of the key features it provides a good deal of security and auto backup that you need for your website.

Whether a blogging website or an e-commerce site. With that said, Hostinger offers a wide variety of websites to choose from.

If you want to build your first blog site or any website, you also have an option. Either let the Hostinger AI website builder do the work for you, sit back, and you will have a fully functioning website live in minutes. 

You also have the option to build your blog site from scratch or use a free or paid theme for your first website.

3. Squarespace

Build your blogging website using Squarespace, one of the best website builders for blog.

Squarespace is a website builder well-known for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. It is an easy-to-use platform with all kinds of websites you can create, and many businesses use this as their site builder. One well-known example is Etsy, an online marketplace.

Another good thing about Squarespace is the built-in blog page. It has the option to update your blogs on your PC or using the Squarespace application.

Why Squarespace?

Squarespace is a user-friendly web builder, and it’s been getting favor from many creatives online. Many small business owners are using this platform because it gives you the ability to make simple edits to it without having to call the developer about any small errors encountered.

Unlike WordPress which is an “open-source”, Squarespace is a “close-source” platform where Squarespace and only you have access to your blog site. This means that you have full control over your website, unlike other CMS and webbuilders.

The platform has built-in SEO or Search Engine Optimization elements, which means that you get to have an easier life when ranking your blogs on the search engine’s first page, like say, on Google.

SEO is when you search about a topic, and your blog post appears on the search result, this is because of SEO. Appearing on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), means you are doing great on your SEO. We’ll discuss more of this in my future blogs.

Here is a quick look at how easy it is to use Squarespace, even if it is your first time making your blogging website.

4. Wix

Build your blogging website using the Wix, one of the best website builders for blogs today.

If you are looking for an easier-to-use website builder, Wix is another famous choice if you want to create your first simple blog website. One of its features is the drag-and-drop interface.

So, no problem if you have no idea how to code. But, not your best choice if you want to make your first blogging website more customizable.

Why Wix?

You can start building free blogging sites after signing up. There are 888 templates and 70 templates for the blog category to choose from (as of this writing). It offers more templates than other free website builders.

Wix is one of the best site builders for your first blog for free, or use it as a personal blogging website. If you want to try making your design, you can choose the Blank Templates.

Wix has more than 800 templates you can use to build your blog site.

If you want to make your design more of your aesthetic, then you can start with the Blank Templates. Drag and drop or click for the elements you will use and start designing your first blog site.

Wix offers 70 templates for the blog category to choose from.

5. Webflow

Build your blogging website using the Webflow, one of the best website builders for blogs 2023.

Webflow is known for its customizable feature, it gives you the capability to build various kinds of websites. So, if you plan to expand your blogging website and become a business owner or agency, you should consider this as your website builder.

According to Webflow, “It was built to empower anyone to manage the end-to-end website experience — from content writing to visual design to publishing to the web — without writing a single line of code.”

Why Webflow?

Webflow has gained praise for its collaborative feature that helps teams edit or solve a problem when it arises since everyone can make changes to the project.

A game changer to business as it is a flexible CMS that also offers a drag-and-drop visual builder. Many professionals use it, but it is also great for beginners. Also, many websites with complex designs opt for Webflow as their website builder.

Final Words

Do you have a choice in your mind right now, which of the best website builders will you choose for your first blog site? Start your journey writing your first blog post now. If you decide to go for WordPress, I can show you how I make a website using it, just let me know.

Even if you choose any of the platforms above, that is already a big step for a beginner like you. It also took me quite a while to start writing and to where should I publish my blogs. So, if you need any help or assistance, contact me or subscribe to my email list for more tips and info.

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