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Hi there! Devi here, and here are more things about me, Write with Panda.

I grew up in a mountainous area in the Philippines with various hobbies I was interested in. Though I graduated with a tech degree, it’s not the road I had taken, but it definitely helped me get jobs. I’ve been to different places and jobs until my late 20s when I realized these were not what I wanted to do in the long run.

Looking back, I was already interested in writing as a kid. I started writing journals during the pandemic and eventually decided to pursue my passion. So I focus on writing more to have something to share that helps other new writers and businesses.

Growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue, but as life went on, I found it.

Writing it is!

More About Write with Panda

I am a writer, and I will write.

Starting from the things I have an interest in, and the helpful tips and knowledge I can share with new writers. If you plan to write blogs, SEO, and eventually build your websites. Lastly, write content for businesses and help to reach your target audience.

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Let’s talk about life or collaborate. Send me comments and feedback. Or just anything.

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