Devi Cadaeg writing
Hello, my name is

Devi Cadaeg

SEO Content Writer - Aspiring Digital Marketer

Hello, my name is

Devi Cadaeg

SEO Content Writer - Aspiring Digital Marketer

About me

I'm Devi Cadaeg and this is my Portfolio page. I am a Content Writer based in the Philippines, with 2 years experience as an SEO Assistant/ Copywriter. I've written my personal stories and experience as Creative Writer, and wrote various topics as a Ghostwriter. Additionally, I am currently learning and applying SEO, Web Design, Content Marketing and Google Analytics for my websites.

I focus on producing high-quality content.

I graduated with a tech degree, where I learned basic knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, PHP, and CSS. My discipline helped me with my job portfolio when I started working as an SEO assistant. I needed to edit content on WordPress but I had no idea about SEO before. However, with my previous knowledge and since I am a tech enthusiast I learned faster. Now, I always incorporate SEO best practices when I write high-quality engaging content.

As a passionate learner and a writer, I have a versatile skill set as a content writer, creative writer, and ghostwriter. I take pride in creating content that captivates, engages, and resonates with readers. Adapting to my client’s requirements and doing thorough research to produce content that exceed my client’s expectation.

What I do

From understanding your requirements, creating an outline, researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing, I do everything that falls between these lines.


Microsoft Office
Google Workspace
Social Media Platforms
Adobe Photoshop
Mandarin Chinese

digital marketing Certificates

My Experience




I have experience working on data entry tasks, setting up websites, and article publishing using WordPress. As a ghostwriter, I've written a few blogs and articles incorporating my SEO knowledge, research, and tech skills into producing high-quality content.


MPOTECH Digital System Inc.

data entry

I worked using google sheet and responsible of entering data of 100% accuracy.
Considering I work with money transactions, I process deposits and withdrawals in Indonesians banks.
Considering that I work with Indonesians, I process deposits and withdrawals in Indonesian online banks. Doing transactions while entering data was a fast-paced task. So time management was needed in order to process trades without delay.


Zapport Services Inc.


It was my first experience in digital marketing. I had tasks such as copywriting, and utilizing WordPress where my degree helped me a lot here. I did guest posting, link building, and some social media marketing strategies. Since I have basic knowledge of Photoshop, I've used it to edit images on my articles and banners for landing pages.


Texas Insruments – Clark


I was responsible for supporting Process Engineers at BUMP Area starting from performing engineering duties inside the manufacturing line. These include gathering engineering evaluation data, performing minor dispositions, monitoring daily line qualifications, and other related activities. Doing reports on MS Excel and MS Outlook for e-mails at about 50% of the tasks on reporting, as updating every status is vital.

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