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5 Best Steps How to Write a Blog and Why Start Today!

How to start a blog? It is easier than you think. Remember the time when you read a blog on your favorite topic? That writer obviously put his thoughts on and researched to write that blog topic to hook you up effectively.

If you plan to write a blog, start now and create your own website. There are domain and web hosting providers that have reasonable prices. 

However, if you plan to spend less than a penny, there are free websites. There are also online publishing platforms where you can post your piece of content.

The important thing is to write now, but how to write a great blog?

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How to Write a Blog on Simpler Words

First, read this blog post in a simple and direct form as much as possible. It is best to understand contents in a step-by-step format and common words when starting out to better take in the information.

Person tying on type writer.

1. Know Your Topics Through Keyword Research

Blogging keyword research

Most of the time, aside from thinking about what blog post idea you want to write on, you will also want to consider your audience. By researching the keywords related to the subject in mind, you understand the queries your target audience is looking at on Google and other search engines.

2. Create your Outline, Research, and Check the Facts

Blogging creating outline and research

Create an outline, you need to understand the message of your blog post. Here, your audience can see your key points and the elements of your content. There are sections and subheadings to help to highlight and organize your blog post.

Research helps when writing your piece of content to add more knowledge to the topic you are writing about. Even though you can rely on your knowledge and experience, researching makes your posts more specific, informative, and well-supported. 

By thoroughly researching your topic, you also check the facts regarding what you are writing about. Let’s be honest: some bloggers write on niches that are not their expertise, so checking the facts is necessary to produce quality content.

3. Write that Appealing Headline and Draft your Post

Writing headline when blogging

The headline grabs the attention of your reader. It will be your key to getting your reader’s attention to read your blog post. You can check out these catchy headline examples for reference.

Of course, you should now start your first draft. Instead of procrastinating and planning what to do next. So, start your blog now as you are reading this.

4. Get that Copyright-Free Image and Use it on your Blog Post

Use copyright-free images on your blog post

Aside from images bringing a more visual look to your blog, it also adds value to your content. The photos you use should tell what you are discussing in your post. It should tell a story related to your topic. 

Lastly, use copyright-free images, like from Unsplash or Pixabay.

5. Edit, Proofread, Edit, and Proofread, Then Publish

Read, edit, and proofread before publishing your blog post

Yes, your writing is good, but it can improve by editing and proofreading. You may think criticism hurts you, but it is how to produce compelling content. If there are errors such as grammar or typos, it will hurt your blog post, and expect fewer people will visit your blog.

When you edit, you must reread your first draft to review apparent problems, like how it is organized, the structure of the paragraph, and the content itself. Yet, proofreading checks your language and finds and corrects your writing and grammar.

What do you think? It’s not that complicated to write a good blog post.

Good blogging is most famous for sharing your interests with the whole world, either your passions in life or life experiences. Show your passion for writing while you still have the enthusiasm because you will enjoy the journey of starting a blog.

So, why are you still asking why you need and how to start a blog today? Change your life now, inspire others, connect with people who resonate with your experiences, or build your brand.

Why start a blog today?

Start blogging now and enjoy the journey

Blogging will bring traffic to your website, where you rank higher and more visible on search engines. Aside from that, writing is a skill, and you will improve and regularly write. 

You learn more about marketing strategies along the way. Learn how to design your WordPress website and add SEO knowledge which is vital to content writing. Therefore, your blog will earn you good money in the long run.

Others also write a blog to express themselves, be happy, and move on from pain in life. 


Launching a blog looks intimidating, but it’s a rewarding journey. You refine your skills and adapt your approach, welcome the developing nature of your outline, tone, and content. 

Venture on your blogging journey today and unleash the potential to shape your online presence, foster connections, and create a lasting impact. Starting now means you’re steps closer to realizing the benefits that blogging can bring.

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