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How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog [Beginner Bloggers Guide]

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Niche is the specific topic you will talk about. It is a vital part to know for beginner bloggers. You call it the main character of your story, the subject of your sentence, and so on.

By now, imagine finding a niche for your blog, the same as having your main subject. If you have an idea, you talk about it and give as much information as you can. That is why, as a new writer, you need to have your main subject. But how do you find and decide on a niche for your blog?

What is a Niche, Why is it Important

You will want to know your niche and what your blog posts will be about. Why is it important? From an online source, it said that a niche has a specific area and has its particular requirements, customers, and products. It means that it will be your main topic, and what you will discuss in your blog is all about it.

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But why is picking a niche important? Maybe you think I want to write about anything and there are various things I want to talk about.

If you are a new blogger and started learning how to blog, you need to know your specific audience. How about you imagine who they are? Or to make it easier because you can make your buyer persona.

Another thing is when you have your particular topic, you have a better chance to rank search engines. By then, your relevant audience will find you. So, what do you need to do? You need to provide them with helpful pieces of content to build trust and loyalty with your readers.

Biggest Mistake when Choosing a Niche for a Blog

One thing that you need to know is the mistakes bloggers make when starting. The most common for beginners is choosing a broad topic or what other experts call not niching down.

For a new writer in blogging, come up with a specific topic and write quality content about it. You will have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of a search.

How to know? Check out what Google said.

E-E-A-T — or “Double-E-A-T,” if you prefer, is now part of the updated search rater guidelines we’ve just released. You’ll also see clearer guidance throughout the guidelines underscoring the importance of content created to be original and helpful for people, and explaining that helpful information can come in a variety of different formats and from a range of sources.


For beginner bloggers today, broad topics will take a long time to rank.

If you think about it, your competitors have been doing this for years. They have already built authority for topics that you can think about now. So now, you don’t only need to niche down but also create better quality content and pair it with strategies to outrun those authoritative sites.

Benefits of Having a Blog Niche 

But what are the benefits when you have a niche? You will have loyal readers, and with the trust built, they will follow you because you are offering them help. That is why, while you are still starting, determine who you want to connect with and your target audience. It will help build authority in a niche where you share your interests, passion, and expertise.

You offer information to certain people and interact with them to gain engagement and credibility, in this case, means more authority. So, by that time you get trustworthiness, search engines will see that. Also, with good SEO, Google will rank your website higher, and more like-minded people can see your blog posts.

To understand better how to choose a niche, read more below.

How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog

Sometimes, you will have ideas in mind, but it’s hard to choose which one to focus on. But what if you do not have any thoughts at all? Some of these steps will help you. When you have a lot of options, often it is confusing, which will then lead others to give up early but, don’t give up, don’t give in.

Anyway, if you don’t know what you want to talk about yet, you can discover it along the way.

1. What is your Expertise and Passion

Blogging about what you are good at makes your blog posts more authentic. This might be your talent or something you are better than most people. You can talk about your expertise in the long run, and you can educate more people where you can then build trust.

If you are an expert in a field and also passionate about it, that will be a great niche.

Below is a video where Neil Patel discusses his proven secrets and strategies for creating a successful blog.

Or if you know you have great enthusiasm for one subject, it is also good to have it as your niche. This way, your content will be compelling to your readers. You can talk about it while you are discovering more about your topic. People who also dive into that niche will learn and discuss with you when you engage with your readers.

2. Hobbies and Interests You Want to Talk About in your Blog

Think about what your hobbies are. What interests do you have right now that captivates you? It can also resonate with your potential readers. And if you like or get updated in technology, digital marketing, or content marketing. When you are excitedly talking about your hobbies, your readers will feel your excitement as well.

You are on the creative side, and you like arts, digital or traditional, or creating video content. Whatever it is, if you are enthusiastic about it, your readers will feel it and find it compelling to read. Those with the same hobbies and interests will follow and read your blogs.

3. Personal Life Experience

Many beginner bloggers start writing about personal experiences. What’s the catch? It is your own story, which makes it unique and relatable to others. If you have something like a specific health challenge, you can write a blog about it. You can start talking about your journey and how you recovered. It will inspire others.

You can also talk about your personal development or how you’ve reached your goals. People who have gone through the same path or currently struggling to reach their goals can resonate with your stories. You can build a community for it and help others in their journey.

4. Skills and Professional Experience

You should consider your hard skills as well when choosing your niche. If you have a professional background, that will also be great. Consider providing valuable insights in your particular field of expertise.

Blog Niche that you Can Make Money From

One thing you might consider when choosing your niche is whether it’s monetizable. If you are familiar with Google Adsense, it is the most popular way to monetize your blogs through advertisements.

Some niches like health and wellness, beauty, personal finance, etc. are often channels for affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and product sales.

Affiliate Marketing –  is when a reader clicks the product (which is your affiliate link). It will then go to the product website. By Buying it or other products from the website using your link within the cookie period, you will get a commission. Like this Wise Sign Up here, an international money transfer. If you sign up using the link you have a fee-free transfer of up to $555 on your first transfer.

Advertisements – when there are Ads promotions on your blog, like Google Adsense, and Adsterra.

Advertisements on a website’s post page.

Sponsored Posts – Companies pay you to post something about their company on your blog.

Sponsoderd company brand information on a website.

Information Products – is one thing you can think of if you decide not to go with the trend. And you can choose your niche that is not short-term high profit it’s your long-term profit. These products such as creating printables, courses, or e-books are the most popular.

A writer can sell books that are full of life-long knowledge and experiences.

Marketing and Niche in One Place for Your Blog

If you have marketing skills, consider merging them with a specific niche. In that case, it will offer a unique value approach. It will set you apart as an expert in niche marketing.

How about an idea like Social Media for Small Businesses, if you are familiar with social media marketing? Even if you are not a pro, you are enthusiastic about it and see yourself growing in that particular niche.

Are your Topics Helpful Even in the Future?

Can you see your topics to help others even in the future?

A question you should ask yourself. Blogging takes a long time to see success, don’t choose a niche for your blog that will not be helpful in the future.

Trends and interests change with time. But there are niches like mental health and food that are still popular over the years. Let’s check the data from Google Trends.

Blogging Niche Ideas for 2023

Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools that does your keyword research. Here are 75 blog niche ideas that will inspire you this 2023.

This is an exciting list that covers a lot of topics to choose from. But, be sure to choose a niche that you are passionate about or at least have an interest in.

Another way to get ideas for what people are searching for is by using the search bar.

An example is when I search “how to blog” which I know is a broad topic. I want more specific, so you can see I pointed to the longer keyword and it shows me more subjects that I can write about. These are what people are searching so you can get your topics here.

Macro and Micro Blogging

Here is quick info about macro and microblogging which is helpful to know as a beginner.

Macro niches cover broad topics or general topics. While micro niches focus on a narrower aspect within a macro niche.

Example: Macro niche – “Fitness”; Micro niche – “Yoga for pregnant women.”

Q: Can I start a blog without a niche?
A: Yes, as long as you are passionate about what you’re doing. However, if you plan to blog for profit, you should have a specific niche.
Q: What blog topics are popular today?
A: Food and Recipe, Personal Finance, Digital Marketing, Technology (WEB3, Crypto, etc.)
Q: There’s nothing I’m good about, but I want to start a blog.
A: There are also popular bloggers now who were not experts in any niche before. But they have the passion to write.

Apply what you have learned in this article and find your niche.
In your journey of writing about your topic, you will slowly learn more and gain knowledge that you initially did not have.
Conclusion for Finding Your Blog Niche

In choosing a niche, you should know what you like and want to achieve in blogging. Many bloggers quit in the middle of their journey because they did not get the results that they wanted. Some are not patient enough and not open-minded enough to apply articles like this to their blogging.

It is hard at first like, how to choose a niche for your blog and constantly coming up with posts. But if your passion is to provide helpful information and help others, you will always be motivated. Blogging is for those who want to learn and teach.

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