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Medium Blogging and Writing Platform

Cannot Afford a Website? Medium is Free (a great blogging platform to get started as a blogger)

Are you dreaming of launching your blogging website, but no way you can afford it? Then, start writing on a free blogging platform while slowly earning and soon buying your domain and web hosting. Sounds great? Let me tell you more about it.

Medium is one of the best free blogging platforms to write and earn. You also get help from a community of amazing people with whom you connect with. But how to get started with Medium?

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Getting Started on Medium

Learning to walk? Of course, you need to know how to step your foot first.

Beginning your journey with the Medium blogging platform is an exciting starting process for your writing and blogging journey. It has a user-friendly experience where everything is simple. 

So, once signed up, you can immediately explore the platform’s interface. To start your first blog post, click “Write” in the upper right corner, and you’ll find yourself in the editor. Now, you’re ready to pour out your thoughts and knowledge. 

Write your compelling title to capture the attention of your prospective readers and choose the relevant tags to reach a broader audience. Don’t forget to make sure that it visually appears as well. Upload photos directly from Unsplash or from your computer.

The best thing about crafting a blog on Medium blogging platform is that it welcomes diverse voices. So, whether you write about your personal stories, insights, and expertise. Publish it, share your stories with the world!

Is it Free to Publish on Medium?

There’s an option to pay for a subscription fee on Medium, but it is entirely free to write your blogs on the platform if you do not have the budget. I, myself, am a free member of this blogging platform.

Of course, premium members have privileges that free members don’t have. However, writing, publishing, and sharing your work has no cost. This way, you will still write your blogs and stories even if you don’t have a website and able to reach people all over the world.

Why Choose Medium?

As a beginner blogger with no budget to buy domain and hosting, why Medium blogging then? Opting for and signing up with the Medium writing platform comes with benefits especially for new writers.

Aside from the costs of setting up a personal website and technicalities, Medium is a hassle-free platform. The clean and minimalist interface design makes it easier to navigate.

Another good thing about this blogging platform is it already has established audience. This means that as a new blogger, your work will be viewed by members of this writing platform, which means interacting with your audience.

Additionally, the Medium Partner Program allows you to earn money based on the engagement your stories receive. That’s why interaction with your readers will be more engagement in the future. A lot of prospect readers for your succeeding stories, so, expect additional earnings.

Exploring Medium as a Writing Platform

Medium writing platform gives a supportive community to those who are dedicated to writing their stories online. Of course, beginner bloggers are included. Diverse voices are heard without having your own website and paying for the costs of building one.

Becoming a member of the Medium website allows you to become part of Word Crafters. Share your knowledge, perspectives, and expertise with a global audience for free. While it is your option to pay $5 per month as an investment by becoming part of the Medium Partner Program.

Medium Partner Program: How to Make Money Writing on Medium

The Medium Partner Program is a way to reward writers by contributing valuable content on the platform. You get the choice to pay a subscription fee monthly to become eligible for earnings based on reader engagement.

Then, Medium will calculate the payments through a combination of claps (or likes for another platform) and reading time. Keep in mind that with the quality and resonance of your story to the community, there’s better engagement and you will attract loyal readers.

This writing platform also promotes stories or boosts them to increase visibility, which means potential earnings. This happens if writers produce quality content that is, something that is ideally relevant stories to other members. This triggers earning a few bucks for those who are starting but already thousands for the successful writers on Medium blogging platform.


In conclusion, Medium offers an accessible and user-friendly platform. This is for both aspiring bloggers to begin their writing journey without the need for upfront investment in domain and hosting and even expert writers. With its simple interface and built-in audience, there’s is no doubt that Medium provides a supportive environment for sharing diverse voices and perspectives.

Do not forget that the Medium Partner Program rewards the writers. This is by offering them the opportunity to earn money based on the engagement their stories receive. By utilizing Medium’s features and community, writers and bloggers alike, not only hone their skills but also build their audience along the way.

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